CHORD Publications

Low-cost, Low-loss, Ultra-wideband Compact Feed for Interferometric Radio Telescopes

MacKay et al. 2023, JAI arXiv ADS DOI 

0.3-to-1.5-GHz LNA with Wideband Noise and Power Matching for Radio Astronomy

Lai et al. 2023, IEEE MWTL DOI 

Errors in Deep Dish Development Array (6m) construction and metrology steps

Islam et al. 2022, Proc. SPIE ADS DOI 

Metrology of Deep Dish Development array (D3A) for precision alignment and surface deformation analysis

Islam and Ölçek 2020, Proc. SPIE ADS DOI 

LRP 2020 Whitepaper: The Canadian Hydrogen Observatory and Radio-transient Detector (CHORD)

Vanderlinde et al. 2019, LRP2020 arXiv ADS DOI